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Wherever you are in the process of leading, you've come to the right place. We're glad you're here. Below, we answer some common questions leaders ask as they prepare to navigate group Bible study. We also rotate videos from experienced Covenant leaders, and you can take a look at some of the resources we offer churches and leaders as they begin Covenant Bible Study. You can also request a free Covenant sample here.

Frequently Asked Questions from first-time leaders:

How much time is required for daily readings?

Daily Scripture readings are part of each Covenant module, or lesson. We suggest carving out about 30 minutes to read through and thoughtfully consider the scripture reading each day. The time needed to read the passages will vary with participants. As a convenient way to keep up with the readings, you can receive them daily in your inbox. Once your group is set up through the website, you can use our calendar function and have them delivered by email so you can read them conveniently from anywhere!

How do we best promote Covenant groups in our church?

We offer some great resources to help promote groups in your churches. At the bottom of, you'll see a Church Resources tab. On that page, you'll find printable and downloadable images to use in and around your church to promote upcoming groups. (We also feature a few of those resources at the bottom of this page!) Available resources include things like bulletin inserts, sign-up sheets, and promotional videos.

How do I know what to choose from the Leader Guide?

You know what to choose based on how long your group meets and how your group interacts. You can pick and choose from the questions and the Leader Guide prompts to find what works best for your group. Every group is different, and you won't have time to cover everything suggested in the Leader Guide. Take the first week or two of meetings and find out how your group best responds and work from there. Be sure to check out our tip from Covenant leader Debby Fox at the bottom of this page.

What if a group member dominates the conversation?

This can easily happen in a group setting, and there are several ways to help every group member have an active voice. Preparing and sending questions ahead of time is a great way to make sure everyone has confidence to speak up during group discussions. Behind the leader login page, Magrey DeVega offers a few additional tips through short video clips. Be sure to check those out once you're signed up to lead a group.

How do I draw out quiet members from my group?

As with groups where people are eager to share, preparing questions ahead of time helps those more reserved to have the confidence to answer during group discussions. Be sure to watch the additional videos from Magrey DeVega behind the leader login page.

What if I don't know the answer to a question?

That's OK! You don't have to be a Biblical expert or know all the answers to lead a Covenant group. Be honest with your group if you don't have an answer. Look for one together, or encourage your group to spend time throughout the week reading the Bible and finding discussion points for the next group meeting. The beauty of Covenant is its ability to create and foster thoughtful conversations around Scripture. Through that discussion, your group grows deeper in relationship and develops a deeper, stronger understanding of the Bible.

How do I encourage members to pray out loud?

As your group continues to meet, this will happen naturally. Many participants need simple encouragement and need to feel a closeness to those around them before praying out loud. As you study and pray together, this naturally happens. You can also ask someone to pray a week ahead of time, giving them an opportunity to prepare a prayer in advance. Be patient and encouraging with your group.

Can this be adapted to an hour long Sunday School class?

We highly recommend at least 90 for a Covenant group to meet each week. This helps you to work through the material easier and it helps create an environment for growth, relationship, deeper conversation.

Can I do this study on my own?

Individual study is a great spiritual discipline, but Covenant is designed around community. It's most beneficial when a group meets together.

What if a person misses a couple of weeks? Can they continue without falling behind?

Yes, they can. It's ideal to keep up with Scripture reading, but if a participant has to miss a week or two, encourage them to continue coming and meeting with your group.

Do I have to purchase a CEB Study Bible?

No. Any Bible will work. We recommend the CEB Study Bible because it's the Bible referenced throughout the Covenant materials.

Listen as Debby Fox, a Covenant leader from Georgia, shares a valuable tip for leaders:

Debby Fox shares a leader tip

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