Leader Guide

Leader Guide

ISBN 9781426772238

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The Leader Guide contains comprehensive and detailed direction for the group leader to use in each 90- minute group experience. Direction is provided for each component of the group meeting with options that allow leaders to adapt to the group's unique characteristics. Components of the group meeting experience include:

  1. Gathering Together - Opening questions designed to prompt conversation that connects to the main theme of the episode.
  2. Reflecting Together - Sharing what participants learned from the week’s scripture readings with questions that tie their discoveries into a central theme.
  3. Video Segment - Playing of the video for the current episode.
  4. Discovering Together - Building on the insights of the biblical scholar, analyzing a single passage from the week’s readings, going deeper into the way they explore the Bible’s meaning.
  5. Centering Together - Engaging in meditation, which is a devotional way to read the Bible.
  6. Serving Together - Reading together the “Signs of Faithful Love' provided.

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