Covenant Bible study meets a very basic human need for connection.

The felt need is the basic longing for new life. Life that fits and connects. Life that makes sense. Life that finds its Source. Life together. “Covenant Life” names our met yearning to live and belong in fitting relationships with self, God, and a world of others.  

A Covenant Bible study consists of: 

  1. a group of 10-12 adults who pledge to read and study the Bible individually and together for an extended period of time for the purpose of deepening their commitment to live as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.
  2. a user experience that trains disciplined daily bible reading, prayer, reflective or interactive reading, and responding to additional learning materials (workbook, CEB Study Bible, video, and devotional resources). The experience drifts until it becomes accountable at weekly meetings in a group setting for fellowship, learning, and the shared practice of interpreting scripture. The user experience is where scripture meets everyday experience within and beyond the sphere of church life. 
  3. a promise to cultivate a believer’s practical wisdom, so that the capacity of the individual and the group is enlarged when interpreting the text and life responsively, responsibly, and redemptively. Their covenant relationship with God is used to redeem a broken world of others who are in need of transformation.

The Covenant Bible study “offer” promises participants they will:

  1. learn (informed empowerment through content by dispelling anxiety about the Bible)
  2. grow (a nurtured spiritual development and maturity through formative practices centered around scripture study in community)
  3. change (through enhanced skills for reading text and life faithfully)
  4. discover (discern a sense of general and specific Christian vocation and identity based on the scriptural witness and each person’s unique, God-given strengths, gifts, and graces)
  5. share (fellowship and belonging with and through friends in faith)
  6. experience (sacred power and presence through spiritual reading practices)
  7. serve (applied study experience through helping world engagement that brings wholeness to others)

The Covenant Bible study promises to pastors, educators, and churches that the groups will produce servant leaders, who can serve more knowledgeable, occupied, or entertained spectators.

Episode 24 in Covenant Bible Study concludes with a meal and an accessible, up-to-date Covenant service.  Leaders can download a reproducible PDF of the Covenant service here