Consider Incubator Groups

When starting more than one Covenant Bible Study Group, consider formation of an incubator group.  This group would include the pastor, staff, and other experienced Bible teachers. The spiritual formation that occurs in this sort of group is particularly deep and helps the ministry team draw closer to God and each other in a congregation.  These trainers can then go forth and multiply leadership with other groups in the congregation.

Most congregations have established affinity groups. For example, the choir or praise band often meets for practice mid-week. Setting aside additional time for Bible study together can be a challenge, but the reward from deep Bible study will change the life of the group and make them even more effective.

Other affinity groups with potential for a rewarding Covenant Bible study experience include the women's circle, the men's prayer meeting, the outreach team, and so forth.  Deep Bible study grounds these groups in their reason for being together in ministry.