Qualities of a Covenant Group Leader

You don’t need to be a formally trained biblical scholar to succeed as a facilitator. You need only the following attributes to do your work well:

Be a learner: You are a participant too on this journey. As you read the daily scriptures and participant guide material, you will be tempted to do so exclusively through the lens of a facilitator. Instead, allow yourself to be as transformed and inspired by these sacred texts as you hope participants will be. Cultivate a curiosity and openness to meanings that are important to you, and others will draw from your enthusiasm. 

Be a tour guide: You don’t need to be a resident expert on every biblical and theological matter that your group will discuss. Instead, like a docent in a museum, your job is to direct their attention to aspects of the Bible and the Christian faith that are important for them to notice. You will guide conversations with provided structured questions designed to draw their interest and elicit their input. 

Be prepared: The success of the group experience is directly related to your level of preparedness before each session. By using the materials in the Leader Guide, familiarize yourself with the learning objectives and key concepts for each week, carefully craft the questions that will spur conversation in your group, and structure the meeting time and setting to stimulate the best learning, devotion, and relevance to life. 

Be attentive to stories: There’s an easy tendency in a Bible study like this one to get completely caught up in the intellectual conversations about theology and biblical interpretation. Sometimes, however, the most effective way to deepen our understanding is through storytelling. Allow and encourage people to tell their own stories, modeling for them the power of storytelling by being vulnerable enough to do it yourself. 

Tip: To stimulate stories in the group, master storyteller Michael Williams offers retellings of ten biblical stories, which are available for purchase and by streaming. These stories are linked by citation in the participant guides in the episodes where they fit.  

Remember that a key to your group’s success will be in training people to listen to stories—not only the stories they share with others but the grand, unfolding story of God’s love found in scripture.